26 May 2013

Crop Top

The crop top is back, but don't worry if you don't have a perfectly toned stomachs, the trend 
for cropped tops is not quite as scary as it seems. If you cover up your belly button, nobody will see what you don't want to be seen .
The crop top doesn't mean showing off your whole abdomen. A lot of innovations have been made in this trend. Now it means a gorgeous and fresh look that demonstrates more than a glance of a bare midriff. 
I don't have a perfect body either, but I was so tempted to crochet one crop top and I did it. For the post I mixed this top with a maxi skirt. When I finished to crochet the top I found in my closet a lot of things to mix with and I told to myself that a crop top is not a thing that should panic us. 

I usually use cotton yarn, which I used for the top too, but this time I used organic cotton. They say that there is no difference in fiber or the fabric woven between organic cotton and conventional cotton in terms of wear or comfort, given similar yarn and weave. But I found it more soft, even after washing and I had a really pleasure to work with.

Note that is more expensive than regular cotton. 

Oooopsssss !!! My skirt slipped and we see my "worked" stomach ...ha, ha, ha.  As I said more up, be sure that you cover up your belly button if you didn't have to work out your stomachs.

I am sure that all of you who crochet should be enormously proud of what comes after hours of playing with crochet, like me . I always go to show it fast to my  husband an my daughter (even she doesn't understand  so much).

I want to thank to my husband that he has patience shooting me every time I want to show you my new projects. 
Hope I gave you some courage to wear a crop top , moreover,  a CROCHET CROP TOP.

I think a crop top can look well in my grand father's garden too not just on the beach. Don't you?


  1. hello darling! u have a great blog! would you like to follow each other?? pls let me know!

    1. Thx ... I will follow you with pleasure ...I like to have news from fashion, it helps me for my projects. See ya ...