19 March 2014

Crochet Dress for me Pregnant :P

Yes. I am pregnant again and I love it , even I am not worry how much more I will weigh during pregnancy :)).

It was a good reason to spend some time on a crochet dress  special for this period ;). Made it with a big pleasure and hope you like it too.

18 June 2013

Dress for my Mother in Law

Happy Birthday to my mother -in- law !!!
This "Serious Dress" I made it  for my mother in law. Soon is her  birthday and I thought it could be a great gift for her something crocheted. 
It is not the first time when I do it but I know that she likes almost all  what is handmade. 

I tried to mix the seriousness and the sensuality in a dress for many occasions.
The straight line and the color block of  the dress denote the depth , the demureness, office appropriate as well as chic

04 June 2013

01 June 2013

Sun ... Sun ... Sun ...

If you could know  how long time ago I wanted to show you that summer dress ... even I don't remember when I started and when I finished it.  
In France the spring/summer it is in late, though I couldn't find a day with a little bit of sun  for to make a shoot, but fortunately it happened a miracle and here we are my crochet dress for this summer. 

Yellow and grey a nice mix of colors for summer (and for me :D) . That's why  I waited   for a sunny day , to bring more radiance to this positive color.

26 May 2013

Crop Top

The crop top is back, but don't worry if you don't have a perfectly toned stomachs, the trend 
for cropped tops is not quite as scary as it seems. If you cover up your belly button, nobody will see what you don't want to be seen .

07 May 2013

Granny Scarf

I am sad that I don't spend so much time crocheting this period. I was completely away from crocheting.
 I went to my parents for three months, because they are in another country, I got sick...etc...etc.
 I spend a lot of time with my baby too, she grows and she has more and more energy.All this not motivated me to crochet. Luckily my aunt's birthday arrived and I  had to do something fast. What can be faster than a scarf?
It is for the first time I used a granny square motif in  my projects.The familiar granny square is a special form of square motif.Although there are many variations on the granny square, but I chose one that I liked a lot and I especially want to thank  Annoo's Crochet World  's blog where I found a granny square pattern that attracted me and I used it as a decoration for the scarf.  
As you see in photos I used the squares like edges and the main stitch of the scarf is double crochet.

11 March 2013

Comfy Baby T-shirt

Voila! A T-Shirt for my Little Princess. 
I like to crochet for my baby girl. I think all mothers who crochet, they have a weak point for all baby crochet stuff. 

04 March 2013

My old little clutches ...

These two clutches I crocheted them after I finished "My First Crochet Dress
(the white one is made with the cotton that it remained from the dress)
I like them both a lot. I honestly say that I have a pleasure to take them with me every time I can mix them with my looks, and the biggest pleasure it is that they are made by myself and they are unique for me even  if they seem basic from others point of view. 

28 February 2013

Black and White Monroe

White and Black will never die and always it will be a good choice.
I call this dress "Black and White Monroe"  because it remembers me that popular white dress of  Marilyn Monroe. I can't say that the model is really close to , but I feel me like an old star in. 
 This time I am really satisfied by my work  and I really hope that you like it too.

Baby Stuff

That was my gift for my midwife.
She deserves more than this but it was a pleasure for me to thanks her in this way for all what she did for me and for my baby. :)

Sarafan pour ma petite

Because it remained some yarn from the dress that I posted before EARLY SPRING AND THE END OF WINTER WITH A WARM CROCHET DRESS, I

decided to make something for my baby. Hope you like it ;) .


Today, when crochet is enjoying such unprecedented vogue, it is doubly interesting to delve into its past and discover that what once helped save a nation from starvation became the accomplishment of queens. By curious irony, though its history dates back to the sixteenth century, crochet only came into its own with the birth of the Machine Age and has been growing in popularity ever since. 
Fascinating and versatile, crochet has become one of our best-loved handcrafts. With hook and thread agile fingers are capable of producing an endless variety of beautiful modern and traditional designs, each with its own special charm.
Probably one of the loveliest crochet works it is a dress, from my point of view. All seasons and in almost all collections we will  see minimum one crochet dress.
Like all women I am in love with dresses and I have a pleasure to crochet them. This time I crocheted a dress for early spring and why not for winter. I don't like the cold temperature, that's why I prefer in this period of year to wear something warm. Don't mind that we see some skin in this

My First Crochet Dress

I've been so excited when I saw the result of that work : "My First Crochet Dress"I remember I was 12 or 13 when I took 3 classes of crocheting,just for fun, and after that I didn't think about at all . But after my baby arrived I had a little bit of time to remember about crocheting. I was bored during baby was sleeping and so I started to be busy each time she was sleeping and when I was watching TV. I don't have all the time of the world for this but when I have some spare time I like to waste it crocheting.