01 June 2013

Sun ... Sun ... Sun ...

If you could know  how long time ago I wanted to show you that summer dress ... even I don't remember when I started and when I finished it.  
In France the spring/summer it is in late, though I couldn't find a day with a little bit of sun  for to make a shoot, but fortunately it happened a miracle and here we are my crochet dress for this summer. 

Yellow and grey a nice mix of colors for summer (and for me :D) . That's why  I waited   for a sunny day , to bring more radiance to this positive color.

Today I had a feeling like it was for the first time that I tried that little "creation".  Lightness, colors and those little flowers on the dress gave me a sense of buoyancy .  And what woman does not enjoy a new dress in her closet, ah? And especially when it's own creation and unique model is even more special.

These little flowers that you can see on the dress it took me time to crochet them . It is not a question that is to difficult to do them but cause I usually tend to use simple stitches, this time I told to myself that is time for another step for my crocheting evolution.

I saw those kind of crocheted flowers on shawl of my husband's grandmother, used like edging. In one day I will show you how it was on the shawl and how I adapted that stitch to my dress ( just wish me some more spare time :D ).

I don't know how many times I said that I love to use cotton yarn  and that's why I couldn't help to not use it again. Three little balls of cotton yarn and half a ball of lurex  for a 1.75 mm hook, were "slaughtered" for this summer dress.

After all these efforts, VOILA my result. Another crochet dress proving  the infinity of crochet world by which I am still fascinated.
 All my admiration for those who make part of this world from who I have to learn a lot of new things. 


  1. cute dress!!! loving the color block heels!!!!
    xoxo Tati:)

    1. Thx Tati... I love them too , even they are from last year collection.