28 February 2013


Today, when crochet is enjoying such unprecedented vogue, it is doubly interesting to delve into its past and discover that what once helped save a nation from starvation became the accomplishment of queens. By curious irony, though its history dates back to the sixteenth century, crochet only came into its own with the birth of the Machine Age and has been growing in popularity ever since. 
Fascinating and versatile, crochet has become one of our best-loved handcrafts. With hook and thread agile fingers are capable of producing an endless variety of beautiful modern and traditional designs, each with its own special charm.
Probably one of the loveliest crochet works it is a dress, from my point of view. All seasons and in almost all collections we will  see minimum one crochet dress.
Like all women I am in love with dresses and I have a pleasure to crochet them. This time I crocheted a dress for early spring and why not for winter. I don't like the cold temperature, that's why I prefer in this period of year to wear something warm. Don't mind that we see some skin in this
dress because anyway it is warm in. And just looking at the yellow color that prevail in this work it gives energy and warmth. Yellow is associated with sunshine. I don't remember the yarn I used  but sure it contained a little bit of  Lurex  which it gives to the dress more sun shine effect . 

Recently I sold that dress to one of my fan from facebook  and she wore that dress to a bless party :) . I still keep contact with  her and she told me that she wears it often when she goes out. You can see her in photo bellow .

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