11 March 2013

Comfy Baby T-shirt

Voila! A T-Shirt for my Little Princess. 
I like to crochet for my baby girl. I think all mothers who crochet, they have a weak point for all baby crochet stuff. 

                                    Nothing difficult about the stitch that I used, just single crochet stitch.
And about the style of that work, I  was inspired by one of my T-Shirts  from Sisley ... large and comfy ... and because it's spring I opted for more vivid color.  (The little butterfly is my husband's idea ;)) ...) .
So, here you are my new crochet project photos:

If you want to see more photos with other  crochet works that I have done for my baby check on this post  http://crochetmcm.blogspot.fr/2013/02/hope-it-gives-you-some-ideas-what-you.html

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