18 June 2013

Dress for my Mother in Law

Happy Birthday to my mother -in- law !!!
This "Serious Dress" I made it  for my mother in law. Soon is her  birthday and I thought it could be a great gift for her something crocheted. 
It is not the first time when I do it but I know that she likes almost all  what is handmade. 

I tried to mix the seriousness and the sensuality in a dress for many occasions.
The straight line and the color block of  the dress denote the depth , the demureness, office appropriate as well as chic

And here we are a little  drop of sensuality  shown  by transparency on the sides of the dress.

I don't know the name of the stitch that I used as edging in front and on sides of the dress, I found it to my granny printed and it was not written the name. I would like you to tell me if you know it. Many crochet works on internet they have used that stitch too and hope someone will recognize it :). For me it was a new stuff even it is old in crochet world and I am really in love with and I can't help to use it again for other projects.
In few days my Mother in Law will receive her gift and hope she will take some picture of her wearing the dress and like so I will can show you how it is fitting.
 I couldn't take any  picture of me in that dress because it was not my size and it didn't fit well on me it was a little bit large and long. My mother in law is a tall woman and gorgeous she could be a model :).

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